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The project is located on a main road on the outskirts of Bogotá, a zone called "La Sabana de Bogotá". This site is characterized by its green valleys full of vegetation, the mist filling the sunrise and water bodies which are mostly rivers and lakes. It is an area surrounded by farms where the people of Bogota go on weekends to escape the city.


Customer's idea was to build a conventional Strip Mall to serve the highway, however these types of buildings tend to deny their environment. So, we decided to turn 180 degrees the building and let the vegetation be incorporated in a natural way into it giving it the back to the highway. It is customary in Bogota families to go out on weekends to make a picnic (pique-nique in French) in a pasture of the Sabana. Thus it was born the idea of ​​creating a large space where people share and live the green that enters the building through its central space which becomes the terrace and ends in a lookout to see Bogota from the outside.


Siberia, Colombia






Fidel Mendoza 



Fidel Mendoza / Carlos Martinez / Jaime Ruiz 


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